The incredible thing about the colors that nature creates is that they are almost impossible to beleive. Sunsets and sunrises especially are so brilliant as to be unbeleiveable when they are painted. I alsways feel like I have to say "no but really...this IS the way it looked!" (laughing)


That's why I call this piece "Truly Sunset" truly did look that way! I swear! :)


(I have found it fun to put a gentle light beneath her at night and watch the painting come alive this way. The last photo on the gallery refelcts this.)


An attempt to capture the vastness and intensity of an ocean sunset and its brilliant kiss good night.


48"w x 60"h x 1.5"d. Acrylic on canvas. Gallery wrapped. 


Created in a non-smoking, no pets environment. 


Shipping costs separate. Contact for details. 

"Truly Sunset"