50.5"H x 38"W and .8" D


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.


The water of the Pacific in Southern California has endless fascination, inspiration, and depth for me. The variety of blues, aquas, white, and gold in this piece blend the way the waves do as they mix and rise. Painted with texture using the bold strokes of a palette knife. Energetic but soothing and relaxing at the same time. Like all my work it's created after meditation. 

I hope that this piece will be enjoyed bringing a happy, light, but always interesting energy to a room. It looks amazing in a living room or office.

Acrylics are my favorite to work with because I find that, like life, they are vibrant, strong, and energetic. 


Keywords: blue, american, aqua, abstract, gold, modern, original


PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING IN A CRATE TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. Additional fees may apply for delivery to other areas.

"Saturday Afternoon"