After a road trip from SoCal to NW Pennsylvania in the autumn of 2020, I was happily reminded of how beautiful our country is. It helped me remember the depth of unity and love I have for all Americans. It also reminded me of the song "America the Beautiful." So here it all is: shining seas, prarie flowers, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty - Half Dome in her glory - deep pine forests, all under our red, white, and blue. 


This piece has a LOT of texture with the paint itself, but that is accentuated even more by the pieces of lace sewn onto the canvas and then painted in. 


A big and powerful piece that gives the eye a lot to look at. 


Acrylic paint and lace on 62" w x 48"h x 1.25"d canvas . Gallery wrapped. Hand stretched.


Shipped in a crate

"My Beautiful America"