Get quick personalized guidance on your next step! Some days we need a little help checking in with Spirit/God/Universe on what to do NOW. This divine download is perfect!


A "glimpse"  allows Laura to share with you through the language of art, the next step in your map. Once given your name she'll share the vision Spirit has for you for the day through a quick sketch delivered electronically for your personal use only. This is simple sharing of a unique and individual vision for you for this moment. No consultation, explanation, or counseling. 


You can use these glimpses to help move through the day, sustain you through extra hard times, as a way to ground yourself, get affirmation you're on the right track, as another piece of information from God/Spirit, or simply to feel connected to the Universe. It's a little kiss and hug from God.


We love to use these separately or sometimes in combination with a daily reading of a bible verse, daily spirit or angel card, or meditation. 


You can do these daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly...they're a wonderful addition to your communication with Spirit!


  • This is delivered as a photo or scan via email after it is created. Since each image is created fresh especially for you, please allow 1-2 hours for the work to be completed after you have placed your order.