• Laura Kowalski

Why SoCal Can Change the Way You Buy Art

A while back I was visiting the beautiful mountains of Colorado and wanted to bring back some gifts for friends. I needed them to be relatively small so they could fit inside my suitcase but I wanted to share the joy and beauty and LOVE that I was feeling in the mountains.

I went to five different stores and found lots of lightweight things to bring back but my heart sank looking at them. They were kitschy, not in a cool way, and had just about nothing to do with the real Colorado. But worst of all to me, they were all Made in China. Nothing could be less Colorado than that!

I realized that people faced the same dilemma when visiting my beautiful home of Santa Monica. You've come to Los Angeles and seen iconic beaches and piers. You've taken in the breathtaking beauty of the bay. You want to share the golden sunlight and feeling of the waves. You want to give a little SoCal to the people you love. You go into the shops and find...Made in China. Ugh.

We can do better than that!

Art doesn't have to be fancy, but it's always best if it touches your heart and that's what gifts are all about.

I pride myself on making pieces of what can seem fairly everyday and easy to take for granted. Iconic horizons and visions of the beauty surrounding this gorgeous area. I create paintings that carry love, meditation, prayer, and energy in them.

The best thing is that these are all available to order as little prints that you can share with people you love. Order several of one print that is close to your heart, or mix it up.

Great news! The prints are also made in the U.S. so you are giving someone a taste of what you visited: an American beauty.

Even if your decor is "#coastal," "#lakehouse," "#beachy," "#patriotic," " #campcabin" or "#summer," and not #surf or #socal these can still make the perfect gifts and souvenirs for you!

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