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What You Need To Know About Buying Art Online

It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to buy art online when you are just a homeowner starting on a decorating journey. You may be thinking "I don't know anything about art! How do I know I'm going to pick the right piece that reflects me? What if I don't like it?" Hold on...stop the stress and don't worry! It's easier and safer than you think to invest in original art online! Here are the top five tricks to making buying art fun and simple and turning your home into a beautiful place that feels good and others will be awed by.

You don't need to "know about art"

I hear this ALL the time from people, "I don't know anything about art." As if "art" can't be owned 'til it's understood. Says who?! (Imagine if we felt this way about computers or smart phones! We'd still be back in the 80's and not in a good way.) I tell people every day "sure you do...you know what you like." The main - and only - requirement for getting art "right" is if it's right for you. That comes down to one main question: do you like the way it makes you feel? Art speaks to you. That's the flat out truth and it's why we like it. I write a whole blog post about this, but here's the quick version: only hang art that makes you feel a little better having seen it. Of course we want those colors to flow easily in your home (see this post on choosing colors for couples) but other than that, go by your intuition and emotion. Feel your way.

Pick one large piece per wall

Yes there are some really fun things you can do with small pieces lined up or clustered. When it comes to larger pieces, though, don't try to turn your home into a museum, just use one large piece per wall unless you have an exceptionally large wallspace to fill. The art becomes a focal point of energy, just like a window, and you don't want it to have to compete for attention. That can leave the viewer feeling tired or overwhelmed instead of peaceful. That's not what we want! You can hang art with beautiful results over a fireplace or television, and if you have a large wall with windows on either side the art can have pride of place.

If you fall in love with a piece that is smaller but you have a big space to fill, there are ways to make it work. Check this post out here.

See where else the Artist is available

Artist's rarely offer returns or refunds because original art runs a high risk of damage every time it is shipped or even leaves a studio or home. However, most artists would rather sell to you directly so they can make sure you're getting the piece you love and to avoid the middleman. If you're too anxious about buying directly from the artist, however, there are sites like Saatchiart that you can purchase from which offer you more purchase guarantees. Saatchi is a large company can offer protections that individual artists simply can't afford to.

Use the Pay Over Time feature

One concern people have about buying artwork is that it's an investment. It can feel scary or hard to invest a few thousand dollars all at once. Pay over time helps make it simple and affordable. If you don't like to use credit cards or don't currently have sufficient credit to get a card or the credit limit you want, there are ways to pay over time for a larger purchase like original art. Affirm is a service that offers you the ability to pay for an original artwork over a series of payments with prearranged amounts for each payment. All of the pieces on my site LauraKowalski.com are available with Affirm.

ASK the Artist for help

Whether it's just to talk to the artist before making the investment or to answer clarifying questions, artists enjoy helping people access their art. I know I LOVE helping people find the right piece of art for their home or office. As the creator of all the artwork, I know what work is available – including some that may not be listed on the site – and what might work in your space very easily. When I create a piece I see how it can look in a home in my mind. As a visitor it's not always easy to tell about an artwork from the site. I'm happy to help make recommendations, clarify colors, and even help you make multiple piece purchases for a discount (three pieces or more). Also, custom pieces are far more affordable and easy than you might think. Simply reach out and we can have a video chat to connect and dissolve any of your stress.

It actually is that simple

It's just that easy. Gone are the days of having to be well-connected, hold an art degree, and live in a major city to invest in artwork. Now simply knowing what you like and being willing to reach out to artists, we can all have beautiful original art with some easy steps all designed to help get the home you love. Soon others will say to you "hey, could you help me buy art online? I'd love my home to feel as good as yours does."

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