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What You Need To Know About Art Mapping

Say Wha'??? Art Mapping? What's THAT? Plus answers to other questions you have.

What IS it?

Let's start at the beginning. What ARE we talking about anyway?

Art mapping is a beautiful way to consciously connect with Spirit, no matter what you call it (God, Papa, Great Spirit, the Universe, Mother Nature) and to move ahead with Spirit into your future. But not just a future that looks nice or feels good, but walk along the path and into the life that Spirit has for you to bring your gifts to the world.

Laura - after decades of practicing her intentional connection to God and art - connects on your behalf to see the path for you to take forward into the life that Spirit wants for you. She puts physical form to the vision and signposts for you.

This isn't from ego, her opinion, or your will, this is divine download that is shared with you through art and messages. This creates an actual map for you to move forward AND to be able to look back at goals and accomplishments as you achieve them.

What Can it Do For Me?

Art Mapping your transformation makes things easy and connected. Translate that to it makes the adventure more fun and more beautiful and feel MORE BETTER!!! :) (Yep. Those are words.)

It allows you to see where you can go and what things will look like and feel like can give you a sense of being supported and loved and allay any fears you have.

It can help you recognize landmarks, signposts, and goals. And that feels GREAT when you're on a new path and

You can jump in and feel great knowing this isn't someone's opinion about what you should do, this isn't your own self-will. This isn't about having false idols or making your life about worldly things (not that material things and the world won't be part of the journey). These feels good, grounding, and loving. YAY!

Why Would I Do This?

You're pivoting, you're adapting, you're adjusting. You're tired, overwhelmed, and there's nothing you want to change, you don't want to change but you have to...you simply can't go on as you are but you don't have a choice.

Wouldn't it be a relief to know what direction to move in?

For some of us we see that things are going well, but we want some other ways to connect with Spirit and to get a nudge,

All of these are different moments get clear on signposts and that warm confirmation that life is unfolding as it should. Don't you just want a hug from Spirit?

These past years also have given many of us wither the inability to stand still or the desire to really show up in a way that Spirit wants for us. To be our most and best version of ourselves according to SPIRIT'S idea, not ours. And most of us don't know how to move forward with that. Art Mapping can help get you started on that path.

How Can I Tap Into This?

I love meeting you where you're at!

From having a simple "Glimpse", to getting an art print, to getting an original art piece, to getting a session of conversation and verbal planning mixed with art map, to getting a custom map done, there are SO many ways to have an art map created especially for you!

All of these options allow you to have custom and unique art maps done no matter where you're at spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and

The art map points can build on each other and be added to over time or be stand alone maps.

A great place to start is with a glimpse!

Art Map Your Next Steps

Art mapping is fun and beautiful and can help you feel loved, connected, and supported while you navigate the world and live the life that Spirit intended for you. Go to LaughingDivas.com to see how to get yours!

I'd love to hear what questions you have about this. Please feel free to comment below!

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