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Three Things You Need To Know About Decorating A Black Walled Bedroom

Sleep...it's so beautiful and delicious, isn't it? From new parents to busy teens to those recovering from COVID-19 to essential workers and healthcare heroes not to mention the everyday superheroes juggling life, family, work, and the pandemic, every single person is on the search for improving their chances of getting a good night's sleep every single night. In the constant quest to have beauty and function intersect there's a trend of painting bedroom walls BLACK to create that cozy cave.

Black absorbs light and can give you that snuggled in bear feeling, but in the interest of beauty and avoiding a depressive feeling, especially in winter, you definitely need to add other elements to the room. So how do you decorate a black bedroom?

1) Add COLOR

In a white walled bedroom you can afford austere undecorated or minimally decorated walls. There's so much light available and reflected, that it's not always necessary to add anything to bring in light and entertain the eye.

Not so in a black walled bedroom.

You will ALWAYS need to add color to black bedroom walls to avoid the dungeon look and the feel of heaviness. Even if you have high ceilings and a loft space with incredible skylights, the walls will need help.

You can opt for neutrals in your paintings if you'd like to keep things simple, but this black walled bedroom is the most amazing opportunity to come in with bright, bold colors on canvas. No framing necessary (though I never think frames are needed on a canvas) makes it even simpler to decorate.


Some people might choose to add texture to the walls themselves by adding some wood and creating patterns on the walls before painting them dark.

And yes of course you'll be putting accent texture all over the place this with your throw blankets, throw pillows, and fabric on chairs and window coverings but don't miss out on the best place to add texture: paintings!

Yes, art can have LOTS of texture and it's practically edible when they do. You can have a fabric artwork/sculpture, but many people don't love that retro look enough to go that route.

There are also those who don't like a lot of fabric (or pillows) or may not be able to add a chair or window covering.

Rely on that original artwork to add depth to the situation. (Here's a moment where you don't want to use a print for a centerpiece because there won't be any texture to it. See previous post here on using prints and originals to decorate.)

I love to add a lot of texture to my paintings both with heavy paint and with a layer of texture underneath.

3) Add LIGHT

Yes the whole point of painting the walls dark is that you want to create a cozy little hibernation situation, but there are still plenty of times you will want some brilliance in the bedroom, especially in the winter.

Aside from the overhead lights (that many apartments or older homes do not have) and bedside lamps you may need some corner stand lamps. But light can come from more than a lighting fixture! Use light catching items to make the glow go further. Think mirrors and metallics used sparingly.

I love using metallic paints - especially gold - in my paintings so that they catch the light and add more to the piece. I absolutely smile to see the way the paint can catch a subtle winter sunrise light and expand that little glow as I am gently coming into my day.

Carefully chosen Art is the Perfect Solution!

So there you have it, the top three things you need to know about decorating a black walled bedroom. The great news is that ALL of these top moments can be addressed by choosing the right piece of original art!

If you need help choosing the right size, color, or piece please reach out in the comments or the contact us page and let us know! We'd love to help you decorate your home to easily and beautifully reflect your true and gorgeous self!

(P.S. we know that buying art off the internet might feel scary. Even though we know how great and gorgeous our art is, you don't know that until you buy it.) For this reason we also offer our art (including custom commissioned artwork) through SaatchiArt, though you'll find a more complete offering here.)

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