• Laura Kowalski

Top Three Home Decor Idea Tips for Couples

What's harder than creating beautiful design for your home? Decorating for a home that you share with someone else! From disagreements about colors, to style differences, to using the rooms in different ways, home decor can be a challenge, especially if you're both working from home or you're in a small space. Don't worry there IS a solution! Even if you're in an apartment home or renting a room, you don't have to settle for a boring space that doesn't truly reflect who you are. Keep reading to find out the top three ways you can easily decorate for two different people and still love your home.

Use Neutral on Walls

Over 70% of men prefer neutral colors in home decor and 70% of women prefer color. Guess what? No matter what camp you fall into everyone can win in this situation. Choose light neutral colors for the walls that have a slightly warm tint to them. This lets you have an organic but bright background. When you choose a white, go for one that has more pink or brown rather than green or blue in it. (NO hospital whites here!) It will be softer when lights hit it and be easier on the eyes. It will let you use the room for reading, work, play, cooking, sleep, sex, or whatever you want to do. Bonus is that if you are renting a space or living in room in a shared house, a gentle white on the walls will be easy to negotiate.

Use BLUES in your accents

Over 60% of men have some level of color blindness. That means that reds and greens are not going to work well for them, and also why many tend towards grays in decorating. While I have a lot of love for every color of the rainbow, I can say that blues top the list especially in decorating because they are SO versatile. Blues are universally appealing. Because it's an organic color, and indicate water - an essential element to life - blues please our eyes. Shades of blue look good on everyone no matter how light or dark their skin tone, so you can have a home that looks as good ON you as it looks TO you. You can layer a variety of shades of blue together to add depth and interest and find blues each person loves. Blues can also be calming (for bedrooms), soothing (for bathrooms), yet pleasant, energizing, and open for living areas. It's a perfect default color for everyone!

Use ART as a centerpiece

When you are adding blue to your space think fabric (sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, rugs), glass (dishware, glasses and especially vases), and ART. Let the artwork be a centerpiece and a fast, easy, simple way to change the energy of a whole room and pull it together by keeping the focus on beauty. Choosing artwork of organic beauty - like the ocean or beach - is something everyone can agree on. In the living area a piece of art showing inside a wave or beach activity will bring energy and light. In the bedroom an artwork with calm seas or a view of the horizon helps create a peaceful focus. Avoid using cookie cutter prints that have no soul to them. You, your home, and your partner deserve a beautiful place the reflects who you really are.

Remember to have fun and enjoy!

Have a piece of art in mind you would like to have created especially for you? Let me know what you are imagining!

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