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The Secret To Home Decorating Like A Pro

Updated: Mar 31

It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to decorate your home so that it feels beautiful and relaxing, like an oasis, when you are just starting out. A lot of people tell me they can't decorate because they don't "know about art" or know "about color." Woah! Take it easy! You don't actually need to have a degree in interior design in order to make your place beautiful beyond your dreams and reflecting who you truly are. You just need to know and trust yourself and your heart.

Interior Designers are Great

We LOVE our friends who are interior designers. They have mad skills and we just can't get enough of how they make stunning choices with color, texture, and shapes. There are wonderful designers out there and we're all about hiring them and using their expertise. AND...we know that there are a lot of times when we can't work with an expert.

Study Them

There are some great blogs, videos, and shows with all kinds of tips and tricks from the designers that you can do for your studios, apartments, houses, and vacation homes. From DIY floor painting projects to some simple shopping there are many things you can do to add some WOW to your rooms.

Know Yourself

You don't have to know all about design, but you DO need to know all about yourself, or at least know what you like. Start simple: start with what what makes you feel good. Not what others say is pretty, nice, cool, or interesting, but what YOU like. (We have some great tips in our blog post here if you're decorating as a couple.) Don't make it complicated, but what makes you happy in a simple way inside.


Don't be scared! Choose colors that make you feel lighter and happy. Also choose colors that complement you, your skin, your eyes, your hair. If you are afraid to paint walls, can't paint them for one reason or another, or choosing colors feels overwhelming don't worry. Art to the rescue!

Art Is The Solution

One strong piece of art in a room can create energy, a focal point, a good feeling to share with others, and – very importantly – a connection to yourself. It can override a lot of shortcomings in a room, especially things that are beyond your control, true but it lets you know every time you see it that this is YOUR place and it's of you.

You are from Spirit, your core self, your true you is from the Universe, from God, from Mother Nature. Decorating with you and your love at the heart of it all is a way to honor Spirit.

If you like to keep it natural, choose a large piece of art with an horizon or a view that you love, or an abstract piece that helps you feel good.

If you want a more urban vibe or just want things to feel a little more flowing/nebulous go for abstracts that can be different every time you look at them, but that always feel good.

It's That Simple!

A piece of art in every room (see this post for when to use original and when to use prints) is a simple, fast way to make your home glow with you and who you are. No skills or degree needed!

Let me know what your favorite colors are! I'd love to hear from you.

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