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Make "small art" Shine in A Big Space

When it comes to a larger wall space most people think they have to fill the space with a large artwork. They spend hours and hours searching for a piece based on size and bypass art they prefer to look at and really speaks to their heart because it's too small. Big mistake!

Small Can be Made Big

While many people think of paintings on canvas as something to hang "raw" (meaning without a frame) this is not an absolute. Remember one of the great things about art is that there are no rules! Paintings on canvas can not only be framed but matted and framed like a work done on paper. And there is the secret to making small be as big as you like. A mat (the wide, flat cardboard edge between the wooden or metal outer frame) can be as big as you like it to be. Using a wide frame and a wide mat can make a small piece go from 10x12 inches to 30x36 or more.

Add Drama to Your Art

Not only do mats and frames add size to your favorite art, they add controlled drama. They can capture the eye with bigger overall size, and then pull it in to focus on the smaller piece or art itself.

Instead of the drama of large art with big colors which might overpower your space or simply not be the energy you want in a articular room, matting and framing a painting can allow you to have strong colors that are highlighted and featured instead of simply dominating a room.

And mats and frames can add texture variety to a piece as well, adding in another dimension and building on the art itself without detracting from it.

Remember it's About Love

The most important thing about the art you choose for your space is how it makes you feel. You want art with energy that matches your vision for the room and matches who you are deep inside.

Art is an ancient language that speaks to you and stays in your heart and mind, so don't let size dictate what you bring into your life and share with others. Find your perfect piece and make it shine in the space you choose.

For help with this or other ways to showcase art, feel free to contact Laura!

Much love!

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