• Laura Kowalski

Now You Can Have the Original Art You Want!

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to get the pieces of original art that you want in the size that you need. Whether it's a beautiful print or a custom piece, you can have art personalized for your space!

Choose the Piece that's Right for You

On the "Shop" setting you can find original artwork by Laura that's available for sale. It's arranged by category so you can choose from the drop down list, or just choose "All Products." We work to keep this site updated but this is not a complete gallery of Laura's works. So if there's something on your mind, note the colors and feeling it gives you and see if you can find something similar or ask for help finding a piece.

Decide What Size You Need

We know everyone's home has different wall space. Open concept floor plans are WONDERFUL to live in, but don't leave a lot of room for artwork. Others have so many favorites already that it's hard to make more room for their collection. No problem! Take some measurements and do some daydreaming and shoot us a message. We can get you a giclee print in almost any size, or create a custom piece just for you. Even if a piece isn't listed as having prints available, we can likely make it happen. Just reach out!

Custom Doesn't (Have to) Mean Huge

If you have an idea for a painting that you would love to have created, feel free to ask. Custom paintings don't have to be mammoth masterpieces. Abstract, landscape, or personal, Laura can work with you to paint a canvas that works in your space. Portraits of your beloved dog, cat, or horse, for example, might be what your heart is craving but you want something that's 16" x 20". No worries! There aren't rules about what size custom needs to be.

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