Laura has been creating art her whole life, completing over 1000 hours of art classes by the time she was 18.

Her current favorite expression of art is painting on canvas, working primarily in acrylics because they are most similar to her experience with life: intense, bright, and passionate yet gentle.


Laura loves sharing the emotion and sensation of being in the painting, at the beach, in the water. Her art transports people, bringing smiles and breathe better, like a cool drink of water on a hot day or a relaxing time on the sand. It feels as good on the first glance as it does on the 15th year of gazing at it.

Her work is often abstract and emotional, employing the suggestive line, broad strokes, large canvases and lots of paint. The ocean is an endless source of inspiration for her. Her work can best be described as abstract and modern impressionism.


She creates work with a playfulness and lightness that she feels is essential to creativity. Meditation is also an important part of her painting practice. She gains much inspiration from incredible ocean photographers and scientists as well as observing the ocean itself. Laura love sharing these deep visions with others to better their lives, help them express their true selves, and follow their dreams.

A prophetic artist, she uses divinely downloaded art to map out nexts steps for people and give them a tangible way to live into their best future.


Laura was raised in Erie, PA and received her B.A. in Political Science with disctinction and honors from The Pennsylvania State University’s main campus.

She is trained in several healing arts, is an author, speaker, and the mother of two amazing children who continue to be her greatest teachers.

Also she has been rescued by the best dog in the world. It's a German Shepard (of course).

artist's statement

The world is a glorious place designed by the most amazing artist ever and I feel so fortunate to be allowed to play here for a short time. Life is meant to be beautiful, passionate, love-filled, and about helping others as we walk on our path.

I have lived all over our amazing country and while I find something unique and gorgeous about every area, it's always the water I come back to both with my body and my heart. The oceans and great lakes help me feel the most connected, at ease, and alive. I need to see them in order to be ok with my world. I love sharing that sensation with others.


Walking in love, awe, and joy with is the way I go through life. and sharing that experience is the best way I have found to fashion a world that grows well together.


A life lived without love and joy is no life at all. Join me in creating love, peace, joy, and beauty.


Relentlessly joyfully love!


Previous Public Shows

TAG Gallery

Group Show

Los Angeles, CA



HALE Arts Space

Group Show

Santa Monica, CA 


The Lodge Nightclub

Hagerstown, MD

2010 – 2016

1201 Kitchen

Erie, PA

2010 – 2016

The Brick House

Erie, PA

Show with Roman Glass


Gentle Touch Healing
Erie, PA
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Enclave Grand Opening
Silver Spring, MD
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Holiday Show
Clifton, VA
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Centreville Community Days
Centreville, VA
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Peak Fitness
Steamboat Springs, CO
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The Comb Goddess
Steamboat Springs, CO
Solo Show

Eleanor Bliss Center for The Arts
Steamboat Springs, CO
Group Shows
2005, 2004,1996

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The Princes' Dilemma Picture book


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